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Dollar for dollar, the World's Best Coffee Maker

It’s called the Melitta Pour-over Dripper (aka the Ready Set Joe). It makes an excellent cup, produces minimal waste, requires no electricity, takes only 4 minutes, and is easy to use and clean.

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Why this isn't more well-know is a mystery to us, but if you want to get into coffee, the Melitta Dripper is a great place to start. And making coffee on a Melitta Dripper is as easy as making oatmeal. You put the dripper right on your mug, put a filter and some coffee in it, and pour boiling water through. Done.

If you’re transitioning from a Keurig, you might resist and say that’s not as easy as sticking a pod in a machine and pressing start. True, but you're not accounting for long-term maintenance. The Melitta Dripper is clean with a quick rinse of water. Your Keurig gets mildew in the water reservoir, which is gross and difficult to clean, and in many areas it will get limescale. Yuck!

But most importantly, the Melitta Dripper makes an excellent cup. You control how much coffee you use so you can make a stronger cup than a watery Keurig, and you have the option to grind yourself (a major upgrade from pre-ground coffee).

And finally, with a pour-over brewer, you have the option to buy any beans you want. If you think Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts coffee is good, wait till you try some of the non-industrial roasters that truly take pride in their coffee. They don’t offer k-cups. If you want to upgrade your morning, try some new roasters, and learn how different origins taste, now's the time, we can help. Adventure awaits:

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